The perfect system

If you’re searching for the perfect system, you won’t find one.

It doesn’t exist. And even if you think you have found it, things will change and then it won’t be the perfect system.

I’ve been reminded of this lately as I’m on a quest to streamline, automate and simplify more aspects of my life this year.

To do this, I need a number of different systems. Some of the ones I already use can do some of what I need but not all of it.

So, I’ve ended up developing my own in order to do what I need. But this still isn’t going to be perfect. I’m limited in my capabilities in what I can do to a certain level so my system will do the basics of what I need and that’s it.

There will come a point when I want it to do more and I’ll be back to the same issue of not having the perfect system. But rather than worry about this, I accept it and will use what I have available now.

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