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The purpose of daily writing

When I’ve had a daily writing practice in the past, people have often asked why.

Why do it? What if nobody reads them? What if people don’t like them? Why are your topics all over the place?

I don’t write based on the topics I think people will want to read and I don’t write based on the topics that I think will go “viral”. I also don’t write in a way that always makes sense or explains my full reasoning on something.

When writing and publishing your thoughts on a daily basis, you don’t expect people to read them every day and you don’t expect everyone to like them.

I do this for me. I write for me.

It’s a way for me to get the thoughts out of my head. It’s something that I’ve committed to and know I have to do on a daily basis. That motivates me and holds me accountable. It’s one of the first things I do of a day and that sets me up for success because once I’ve done it, I know I’ve already accomplished something big for the day.

I’m not setting any trends in doing this. There are some amazing people that already do this and do it so much better than I do. In the past, I’ve tried to copy them in a way by getting ideas from their daily writing. But, it’s never worked. Instead, it’s had the opposite effect where I end up sitting in front of my laptop for hours on end unable to write.

The one thing I have learnt when you are doing a daily writing practice on your thoughts is that it has to be you! Your ideas, your voice, your way. The writing has to be about issues, topics or challenges that you are facing or have faced in the past.

It excites me to have this new website and the chance to get back into a daily writing practice that I can hold myself accountable too. This will be the springboard into a whole new personal brand that I plan on launching in 2020 with some exciting projects in the pipeline.



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