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The top is what matters

The 2021 Masters Tournament for golf is on at the moment and I’ve been watching some of the players talk leading up to the event.

Rory McIlroy was talking about how we went to visit the injured Tiger Woods at his family home recently. In Tiger’s family room there is a trophy cabinet of this 15 major titles that he’s won. Rory asked Tiger where all the other (non-major) trophies were. Tiger’s response shows just how focused he is…

‘I don’t know.’

‘Yeah, my mom has some and a few are in the office and a few are wherever….’

Tigers’ only focus is on the top. The major tournaments.

They are what matter to him. They are what he trains for. They are what he focuses on.

All the other tournaments he has won would be a huge accomplishment for any golfer. But for Tiger, they are just part of getting to the top.

He doesn’t allow the non-major wins to distract him and to cloud his focus of what he is aiming for.

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