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There is a time for perfection

We can spend weeks trying to perfect a system, process, or outcome.

At the end of it, we might be internally satisfied and proud of what we accomplished. To others though, most won’t even notice or care for the perfection levels we went too.

While we were busy perfecting something that didn’t need to be perfect, someone else came along and did it twice as fast. While it wasn’t to the same standard as ours, it was enough to satisfy most people.

That person has now already moved on to the next thing that is moving him or her towards their goals of growth and income.

Perfection, in most circumstances, is overrated.

People often say they want a perfect job done, yet they also want it done quicker or cheaper. The quicker or cheaper will win out 99% of the time over perfection.

Perfectionists, to succeed in business, and even in life, need to choose when perfection is needed. It will be one of their biggest hurdles to overcome in entrepreneurship.

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