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Thinking time

Scheduling “thinking time” can be just as important as scheduling all of your appointments and other items in your calendar.

Thinking time is something that I have heard some pretty big entrepreneurs do, including Bill Gates.

It’s time that is scheduled where it’s just for thinking with no specific goals or expectations for that time.

For me, the hardest thing to trying this was not feeling guilty about seeing a half-day or full-day blocked out on my calendar just for “thinking”.

The results of these sessions far outweigh the guilt once I’ve done one though.

There’s no set structure for thinking time. It could involve reading things to stimulate the mind, watching something, learning something, or just sitting around somewhere comfortable and thinking.

The idea is to just be open to knowing that it’s for thinking and be prepared to capture all the thoughts that come through.

The outcome could be a solution to a problem that’s been lurking around, a new business idea, clarity on something that you’ve been struggling with, or fresh ideas for what you’ve been working on already.

I’ve found the thinking time sessions so productive lately that my next step is to organise a few days away in a cabin dedicated to thinking time.

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