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Travel packing lists

Despite all the travel I have done over the years, I still rely on packing lists every time I travel.

For me, packing is usually a last minute thing done the night before I leave. It’s rushed and not given much thought so I stand no chance of remembering everything I should or need to pack.

This is why I use packing lists. I’ve changed over the years from using a list in Evernote to using reminders on my phone to specific packing apps on my iPhone. I generally always come back to the apps on my phone.

Here are a few tips I’ve learnt when creating packing lists:

  • Create templates for the different types of trips that you do
  • Create categories of activities that you might do eg. beach, gym, running etc.
  • When you first start using a list, use it everytime you pack and add anything to it that you have missed off
  • Share your lists with your spouse or assistant so they can help you pack
  • Add pre-trip items such as airline check-ins, confirming bookings, printing paperwork etc.

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