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I was made aware the other day that there was a typo in one of my daily blogs.

There’s probably lots to be honest.

In the past, this would have driven me crazy. I would have stressed about it and then put even more effort into double-checking every post prior to posting it.

However, I made a decision at some point earlier this year that I wouldn’t worry about them.

Why? Because, this is a daily blog of my thoughts, lessons and whatnot. The whole idea of it is getting it published every day.

In order to write and publish a short blog every single day, 365 days a year, you can’t get caught up in the small details that in the scheme of things don’t really matter.

Look, I’ll do my best to reduce typos if I see them. But I’m not going to re-read a post multiple times to make sure it’s 100% accurate and ready to post. That takes the fun and enjoyment out of writing every single day.

For my longer form blogs, articles and books that I write, it’s a whole different story though. I will do my best to ensure they have no spelling or grammar mistakes. I’ll even go as far as getting an editor to double-check my writing depending on what it’s being used for.

I’m simply choosing to prioritise what matters and what doesn’t really matter as much.

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