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Unschedule Your Week

Generally, I’ll try to be as organised as possible when it comes to planning out my days.

I have too many projects and businesses going on not to.

Every now and then though, I get to a stage where I feel overwhelmed.

I will look ahead through my calendar and see weeks at a time filled up with project work, client work and other commitments.

It’s like a game just trying to see where there is enough time to get some sleep in and have some breathing space.

Normally I’ll push through, but if it continues for weeks at a time, I know I’m due for a calendar cleanse.

In an upcoming week, I’ll unschedule the whole week. Only keeping appointments or time slots that are required or are considered to be very important.

For that week where I’ve unscheduled everything, I’ll just work off a small task list each day without allocating any time slots or order in which everything needs to be done.

By doing this, I reduce all the overwhelm and anxiety that is created when your calendar is maxed out.

I find I’m more productive in this week and focus on different things.

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