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What should I invest in?

A question I often see is “What should I invest in?”.

People see others making money from investments or businesses and think that they can do the same thing and get the same sort of results. So, they ask this question in the hope that there’s a golden answer that provides the riches they seek.

It doesn’t work like that though.

If you’re willing to blindly invest in anything that someone tells you to, you are better of saying goodbye to your money and giving it away. That will hurt less than losing it on an investment because you didn’t completely understand what you were investing in to.

If you are investing any money, in anything, you need to understand what it is you are doing. You have to understand the basics of how it works, the risks, the ideal time to invest, the ideal time to pull out, what to look out for that may change the trajectory of your investment.

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