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Where To Start

“I don’t know where to start” is just an excuse.

It’s an excuse that is used all too often by people when they have a new idea or something they want to do but haven’t started moving towards it.

All successes, all inventions, all ideas … all start from somewhere.

You may not be crystal clear on how everything will work out.

Things may even take a completely new direction once you do start.Something may not work out how you expect it to.

Or something may not work out how you expect it to.

But the key is to get started.

Start with whatever comes easiest for you.

For some, it will be researching.

For others, it will be brainstorming and mapping out how something can be done.

Or it may involve talking to people and bouncing ideas off them.

Once you start though, you build momentum.

From there things will start to happen and before you know it you’re making progress rather than just thinking of an idea and not doing anything about it.

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