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A reflection on 39 years

I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor. I’ve had everything, and I’ve lost everything. I’ve been happy, and I’ve been depressed. I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried. I’ve been loved and I’ve been hated. I’ve had great ideas, and I’ve had some pretty shitty ideas. I’ve had success, and I’ve had failures. I’ve gained friends, and I’ve lost friends. I’ve had clarity, and I’ve had uncertainty about life. I’ve been on top of the world, and I’ve been in some deep dark places. I’ve had toxic relationships, and I’ve had loving relationships. I’ve been healthy, and I’ve been unwell. I’ve feared getting older, and I’ve welcomed getting older. I’ve had good days, and I’ve had bad days. I’ve lost myself, and I’ve found myself. I’ve doubted myself, and I’ve believed in myself.

That’s my life, 39 years in to it. 

And, the main lesson I can take from all of this…is that life is an adventure!

You never know what’s ahead of you. You never know what is going to work out and what isn’t going to work out. You never know what’s going to happen. All of this is part of the adventure of life though. 

In my twenties I feared getting older and thought you’re meant to have everything figured by the time you are in your thirties and then once you hit that big four zero number that you’re meant to have life figured out.

I was wrong though. Very wrong. I feel I’m just getting started. It’s taken up to this point in my life to figure out who I am, what I want and how I’m going to achieve everything. I’ve been tested in so many different ways and have had to push through it all. All of this has been building my character, strength and focus for the next stage of life that begins around that 40 number.

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