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Always being right

Although we like to think that we are always right, the reality is that we aren’t.

Most of the time, we are wrong.

Sometimes we are completely wrong and other times we are partially wrong. We can be wrong because we don’t have the correct knowledge or experience, it could be because we have been told the wrong information, or it could be because we have made assumptions when we shouldn’t have.

It’s easier to assume we are always right rather than go through the bad stigma that comes with admitting we are wrong to someone, a group of people, or to the general public. When we do this, we avoid shame, embarrassment and judgment.

People make mistakes though.

We’re allowed to make mistakes!

We aren’t always going to be right.

When we aren’t, it’s better to accept it.

Own it. Admit it to ourselves and others. Learn from it.

Even share our experience with others so they can learn from it.

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