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Choosing your desire

We all have desires.

And every day our desires change. We get new ones, we focus on existing ones or we realise something that we desired yesterday we no longer desire today.

The challenge is choosing which desires you are going to act on.

Some desires achieve results, some achieve happiness, some achieve short-term gratification.

Some desires are worth acting on, while others aren’t.

Going for a run fulfils the desire of staying fit and being healthy. While eating a block of chocolate fulfils the desire of eating something sweet and delicious. Two different desires with two very different outcomes. But, acting on both desires creates a conflict.

Watching a new tv series fulfils the desire of relaxing. While watching a teaching video fulfils the desire of learning a new skill. You can act on both of these desires. But, too much of the first desire impacts the latter desire.

Choosing your desire is a skill that needs to be practised on a daily basis. And like any other skill, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

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Shane Black Daily Blog

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