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Churning out social media content

My current monthly challenge is to post a photo a day on social media, in particular Instagram.

I chose this task because I know I need to get better at creating social media content.

We live in a time where every person is their own media company. Promoting themselves is part of the game and something that needs to be done, regardless of what the person actually does.

The problem most people have is that they get stuck when it comes time to produce content.

They struggle with the shot to take, they overanalyse the photo once it’s taken, they over edit the photo, and they procrastinate that much that nothing gets taken or posted.

This challenge has forced me to be more aware that I’m a media company and need to constantly be taking or producing content.

The key though, is knowing that not everything that I produce has to be used. Most of it will probably never be seen by anyone.

If I take photos throughout the day, I can then choose what I want to use to actually post. Most of the photos are no good, but there will be something in amongst a half dozen photos that can be used.

It’s just like a reality tv show. They film for hours and hours but only end up using 30-40 minutes of the footage in the final episode. In capturing everything, it gives them options on the editing floor so they don’t come up short with content and being able to release something.

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