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To achieve more in business and life, we need to be more curious.

As kids we were.

We always asked questions and wanted to know why something was the way it was.

We wanted to know how things worked and why.

But as we get older, we lose our curiosity.

We can be more curious about everything going on around us;

Why are things the way they are?

Why has someone done something a particular way?

Why did something happen?

Why did something not happen?

By being curious we are constantly stimulating and challenging our minds as we process everything we take in.

This is a good thing for a driven entrepreneur because you are going to find out people’s pain points and find areas that need improvement. Just what you need when working out how to improve your business or start a new one.

We can be more curious when we are talking to people.

We can be more curious using Google when we want to know something.

We can be more curious when we’re asked something and don’t know the answer.

It costs nothing to be curious and it is something that we can already do as individuals without having to learn a new skill.

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