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Is a discount code really worth it?

Are you someone who gets to an online checkout and sees a discount/promo code field and immediately opens a new browser tab in search of a discount code?

Don’t worry, I’m like that too. It’s an impulse habit of mine.

Why pay full price if there’s a discount to be had, right?

The problem with this though, is that we don’t factor in the time it takes searching for that promo code. And while it may not seem like a long time, when you multiply that for all your online orders it can quickly add up.

Is all of that worth it for a 5-10% discount code? If you value your time, your time is probably worth more than the discount value that you’re getting.

If you’re doing it for Black Friday or a big sale of the year where you can get 40-50% off then it’s a different story. In most of these cases though, you don’t have to go searching for discount codes as it’s a site wide sale.

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