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Is Bigger Better?

I took the plunge and went big with the iPhone 7 Plus. I have always been turned off by the bigger screen and the actual size of the phone.

But, after 24 hours with the iPhone 7 Plus, I am changing my mind.

I’m liking the additional screen size. It may not seem like a lot more but those few extra pixels make a big difference.

I can see more content when I’m browsing websites and it helps if I’m using my phone to draft content that has a lot of text. Something which I’m doing more often throughout the day when I have a few minutes spare here and there and don’t want to bring out my laptop.

The physical size of the phone has taken a bit to get used to though. I dropped it on my head this morning trying to use it one-handed while laying in bed.

Unless you have big hands, which I don’t, you’ll be wanting to use the phone with two hands. I thought this would be an issue for me, but it’s been ok. Two hands allows me to get things done quicker anyway.

With the iPhone 7 Plus, I also went with the maximum storage of 256GB. Considering I only had a 16GB iPhone 6, it’s a big jump. Now I don’t have to worry about what apps, files and images I have installed or downloaded on my phone.

Having the additional space, I’ve also been able to install more apps which I’m already finding more productive. For all the little things I do throughout the day on my laptop, I can now do them through my phone whenever I can. I have apps to check all my advertising on social media, I can edit and view upcoming social media posts, I can check analytics, I can check eCommerce sales from my online stores, and I can check all the project & task management systems that I use throughout my businesses.

The bigger screen and storage has basically allowed me to conduct business while I’m on the go and not have to worry about whether I have my MacBook Air or iPad Mini with me at all times.

If you have been on the fence about getting a smartphone screen, I suggest you just do it.

I also recommend that you max out the storage. It will be worth the additional expense upfront. Then you can install whatever you want and not stress about running out of space. Or, having to upgrade your phone sooner than what you wanted.

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