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It all comes down to the audio

In an effort to step up my content producing efforts, I’ve been working on a setting up a home studio for recording both audio and video.

It’s been challenging to get everything working the way I want it, but it’s been fun and I’ve learnt a lot. Getting the room or environment right has been the biggest issue as you can only do so much based on what you have to work with in the first place.

The biggest take away I’ve learnt from all the research I’ve been doing and my own experiments, is that it all comes down to the audio.

You can have the best quality video production, but if the audio is shitty, people won’t watch the video or listen to the podcast.

People will tolerate a poor quality video before they tolerate poor quality audio. And with so many YouTube videos or podcasts to choose from, people won’t hesitate to skip to the next one if the quality is bad.

If you’re getting into content production, one of the first things you should focus on is the audio. Get that right and it will make everything else easier and give you a better chance of building a loyal following of people that enjoy watching or listening to your content.

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