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Judging people’s escapism

I heard Gary Vaynerchuk talk about judging people’s escapism on a podcast recently. 

He’s got a really valid point.

You don’t get to judge other people’s escapism.

Whatever someone does to wind down or escape the day to day reality of life is up to them. It’s not up to you to decide whether that’s a good idea or not. 

If they like to play video games, read books, sleep, or binge watch Netflix, that’s their choice. 

They have to make that choice and accept whatever comes with making it. If they then don’t have time to focus on a business or achieve a goal, that’s on them because of the choices they are making.

Everybody needs an escape at times. It’s best to focus on what your escape is and let other’s have their own, regardless of what you think about it.

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Shane Black Daily Blog


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