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Monthly challenges no more

The point of this post is to be transparent about something that I said I was going to do, but haven’t. It also highlights that not everything you set out to do will manifest into something.

I started this year with an idea of something new I wanted to do. An idea that excited me…

Monthly Challenges.

Each month I would set a challenge for myself and have that month to achieve it. I would then write about it, vlog about it and share my experiences in completing the challenge.

I was able to quickly generate a long list of possible challenges to do. There were enough ideas to keep me going for a few years. I also asked for input on social media and got some cool ideas that made it onto the list.

The challenges started strong and I was excited to be doing them. But, I quickly realised that I hadn’t set myself up to be doing them the way I had envisaged them.

I want these challenges to be something that people associate with my personal brand. I want people to be able to follow along each month from both an entertaining and learning perspective so they get value from what I do.

So rather than continuing and being mediocre, I’m going to stop.

To do these challenges the right way, or the way I want them to be done, is going to take more planning, more time, more money and more people.

And right now, I can’t give all of that.

I have got too many other things going on and I have to be realistic in what I can work on and achieve at any one time.

But..they will return.

I’m not sure when. (It could be the start of 2022)

When they do return though, the challenges will be done the right way. The way I had pictured them being done from the start. I’ll be putting more time and resources into choosing and completing the challenges and will be documenting every aspect of them. Ideally, I want to release a YouTube series that documents each month from start to finish.

For now, I’ll be focusing in on other projects which is going to put me in a better position for later returning to the monthly challenges and being better at them.

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