Side hustle

You can have a full time job and still be an entrepreneur.

This is how a lot of people have started. And even when they could’ve quit their job, they’ve continued to do both.

Creating a side hustle allows you to keep earning an income while you work on your business that will one day become your full time gig.

The key to making it all work is being super focused with your time and realising that you are going to have to make sacrifices.

You’re going to have to give up some of that TV time, the social outings, the sitting around doing nothing, holidays, shopping sprees, spa days etc. But if you’re serious about your side hustle and wanting it to become more these sacrifices shouldn’t be an issue.

If they are, maybe reconsider whether you want this or would be better off staying in your full time job.

Or, do you just want a side hustle that stays as a side hustle while you keep your full time job? That’s another option that has worked well for many people.

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