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There are always multiple options

When faced with making a difficult decision, it can be easy to assume, or fear, that there is only one option.

One resolution. One way out. One way to ease the pain, suffering or discomfort that the situation is causing.

This is why so many people make decisions and later regret them. They go for the most immediate thought or decision that comes to mind, thinking that was the only option.

A better way to handle situations like this is to force ourselves into finding at least three different options.

Having one option is never going to help because it’s not making us think differently. Having two options is a flip of a coin and can still cause regret later because we think we should have chosen “the other” option. Having at least three options makes us think more about the situation and consider a range of variables and possibilities.

By having more options it doesn’t mean making a decision is necessarily going to be easier, or more pleasant. But it at least means we are thinking of the situation from multiple angles to ensure a smarter decision is made.

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