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Think Of The Other Person

We are so quick to judge someone by the way they are acting or by what they are saying.

Or, by what they are not doing and what they are not saying.

If we already know the person, we are quick to judge and compare them to our perceived memories of what they are like.

For someone we have just met, we are quick to judge based on first impressions.

What we neglect to do is think of the other person and their circumstances before we judge them.

Are they having a bad day?

Have they just experienced a personal tragedy that they are trying to deal with?

Is their job creating a lot of stress for them?

Are they lacking confidence within the environment you are seeing them in?

Are they tired or unwell?

Next time, rather than get frustrated or question things the wrong way, get a read on the other person in case they are dealing with something.

If you think they are, then be mindful of this and think about whether you really need to pursue your own agenda with them today.

Can you wait until they are in a better state? Most of the time, the answer will be yes.

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