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Unhappiness is your own fault

It sounds harsh. But it really is.

It’s easier to blame circumstances or other people rather than to be honest with yourself and admit what the real reason or cause for your unhappiness is.

But, the more you blame circumstances or other people, the longer you remain unhappy. And the longer you remain unhappy, the harder it is to let it go and be happy again.

It doesn’t have to spiral out of control though.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness. And you can change unhappiness into happiness.

Everyone has things that make them happy. It can be a health or fitness related, it can be reading, it can be watching a movie, it can be shopping, it can be spending time with friends or family, it can be going for a drive, or it can be travel.

Whatever yours is, know it and do it when you need to snap out of unhappiness.

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Shane Black Daily Musing

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