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So many websites have it wrong with the content and layout that they have.

Visitors don’t care about how good you are.

They don’t care about your complete history.

They’re not too concerned about your long list of services.

But they do care about finding what they came to your site for.

Visitors want to know how you can help them. They want to know how you can either make them more money or save them money.

To do this, your content needs to be focusing on the benefits of your product or service rather than all the features. Use case studies to highlight real-world uses.

Show the process involved when working with you and demonstrate how you’ll deliver the results you sell them on.

Build credibility through your About page but save the year by year analysis of the business and leave out your mission statement and core values unless you have something that really stands out from the boring versions most sites have.

Engage them in ways that everyone else isn’t. Rather than the typical Free Consultation link, give them a free download and then organise a meeting after they’ve signed up for the download. Make it easy to contact you and if you have a phone number, don’t hide it.

Keep your content short, simple and to the point. Nobody wants to be scrolling through pages and pages to see whether you can actually help them or not. Use bullet points where possible and break text paragraphs up with images, columns and linebreaks.

You only have a short amount of time to impress a website visitor so the messaging of your website needs to be spot on if you want a chance of converting them into a paying customer.

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