What’s most important to you?

It’s a question we often avoid asking ourself.

Yet, it’s a question that shapes who we are and what we do.

By knowing what’s important to us, we are able to determine our goals, values and directions in life.


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Daily Musings - Shane Black

Less Clutter

Too much clutter clouds the mind. It could be a messy house. A messy office. A messy desk. Too many possessions. Clutter can be anything

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Shane Black Daily Musing

Growth is ongoing

True happiness, true satisfaction, true purpose, happens when you’re continually growing. Growth is ongoing. It shouldn’t stop when you hit a certain goal, a certain

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Shane Black Daily Musing

No sick days

Employees of a company get sick days. Most will often make sure they use them too. As entrepreneurs though, sick days aren’t so easily available

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