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Working on holidays

This weekend I’ve spent some time away camping. It was a last minute decision to go after working long days and nights with little sleep to achieve a milestone for a new business venture. This was my little reward to unwind.

And, although I’m away on what I would call a little “holiday”, I’m not stopping work. 

Many will disagree with my decision to do this and say that everybody needs to shutoff. And you might be someone that needs to do that.

For me though, I find that makes things worse. If I shutdown for a few days, it then takes me a few days to get back into the rhythm of things which basically means I lose a week. And if I’m wanting to do this a few times a year as a rewards for achieving goals, there’s a month of my year gone.

This doesn’t mean I’ve spent the whole time working. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with friends and enjoying the experience. But I have checked emails, done some writing and spent time planning things when I’ve had some down time. 

I feel better having done this because I can come back and hit the ground running because it’s all still present in my mind. And because I feel like this, it means I can do these short holidays and not feel guilty because work isn’t getting done.

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