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You can’t always help everyone

It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned you are, not everyone will be open to your help.

Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, they will put a barrier up.

Once this happens there is very little that you can do.

You can try to reason with them or you can try to encourage them to want your help. Trying different avenues or approaches is a common instinct we have.

Most often though, all of this doesn’t make a difference.

It can be frustrating.

Someone has to want to be helped in order for you to be able to help them. They have to want the advice or guidance. Or, they have to want the way in which you can help them.

There’s no point beating yourself up about it when this happens. It’s really outside of your control. Instead, focus on the people who do want your help and are open to it.

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