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You can’t please everyone

When you try to please everyone, the person that you please the least is yourself.

Instead of focusing on the things that you love, the things that you want, the things that matter most to you, you end up being consumed by worrying about everyone else and what they want, what they might think, and how they might react to things.

Everyone has different agendas, different goals, different ideals, and different beliefs.

When you try to please everyone, you are essentially sacrificing living your own best life in order to please everyone else around you. And when you do this, it’s only a matter of time before you personally hit a breaking point.

There’s a very fine line between being empathetic and going out of your way to please everyone.

Be there, support, help, and encourage everyone if that’s the type of person that you are. But, don’t do it at the expense of you living the life that you want and deserve.

You are little help to others if you aren’t happy and fulfilled in your own life.

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